Japanese 45rpm Pop Tops

Japanese 45rpm Pop Tops

Like Us on Facebook http://tiny.cc/conti45 The famous song When A Man Loves A Woman from 1966 by Percy Sledge was written around a progression of Pachelbel’s canon, or Bach’s Air on the G string. French producer Allen Milhaud ( Alain Millhaud)  decided he wanted to create a band using this concept of developing soul songs starting from pieces of classical music. He then found singer Phil Trim (Phill Trimm) who was from Trinidad and had moved from Rome Italy to Spain.  The band had releases in th US and UK ( Major  Minor label Minor Major) and had many hits, the biggest one arriving in 1971-2.  Unfortunatelly, the songs they chose to release after their big hit,  were not as interesting as they should have been and interest in them fizzled out by 1974. – — Take a look at the music video for my song “Anarchia” Clicca: http://tiny.cc/anarchi3b Scrive! Blog it! Comunicato stampahttp://tiny.cc/anarchiacs #northernsoul #soul #1970´s #motown #vinyl #collector


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