Fotonovela on the cover of French pop magazine OK! NRJ 1984


Fotonovela song was the perfect Italo Disco song written and produced by Pedro Vidal and sung by Ivan . Against all odds it was discovered by a dj in Holland and few months later it became number one in France. This magazine cover shows how popular the singer Ivan had become over there. Fotonovela is pure perfection, the accordeon arrangment played in it is from a real instument. There are other real instruments as well. CLICK TO LIKE Facebook page 1984 initially released in Spain by CBS the song reaced only the top 30. Later it would become number 1 in France and top 10 in Germany and in Spanish – uploaded by Dario Margeli – — Take a look at the music video for my song il sole e le palme Scrive! Blog it! Comunicato stampa Keywords: #1970s #oldmagazines #annisettanta #rockmagazines #melodic #amnistia #britishmusicmagazines # de Espana #disco #seventies


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