Green Tara Meditation – Quick Version

Green Tara Green Tara Practice (Sadhana) – Quick Version Compiled by: Dario Margeli

Step 1 part 1: Shelter – Visualisation: Visualise a place of refuge (Mandala)- a shelter  with translucent figures of Tara and the Buddhas. RECITE THIS: I take shelter in the Buddha, the dharma and the assembly until enlightenment.

Step 1 part 2: Bodhichita – I  declare to Tara and the Buddhas my commitment with the path  of self improvement and concentration. I am committed to having the right, positive disposition and mindset. I’m going to ride the wave of happiness during this training.


Step 2: Conversion into Deiti – Visualisation: the image of Tara gets dissolved in light. The ball of light comes to me and enters my forehead and the light gets absorbed in me. I get into the state of pure divine “light” with Tara (divine) qualities. I have a green TAM syllable on my heart with rays of lights coming out of me.


Step 3 Pronounce the sentence with your hands together above your head 1) Om Vajra SmayahYou remind Tara her commitment to enlighten you  2) Namo Gurubhyah – hands at face level 3) Nama Arya tara Saparivarebhyah- hands at heart level

Step 4 – Assembly of Buddhas appear.

Step 5 – The 8 Auspicious Offering Bowls giving gifts to the Buddhas and Tara. For each gift you must visualise Gods that come out of you carrying trays with gifts towards Tara and the gathering of Buddhas. Later you will reabsorb the gifts receiving blessings in return.
Gift 1 – (Argham – water you offer this gift and ask them to – Clear my thoughts, to clear disturbing emotions) – Om guru arya Tara (oh supreme being Tara) saparivara (group accompanying) Argham praticcha (let it be this way) svaja (please accept) – Hand gesture: you move your two palms as in making a wave, then palms together but indices collected, then you snap your fingers.
Gift 2 – Pushpe – flowers – open heart of right disposition (bodhichita) and happiness. I’m going to pause the worries, eliminate doubts
Gift 3 – cuddly bears representing hugs – Free me from poverty
Gift 4 – Aloke – light (small birthday cake candles) – free me from darkness
Gift 5 – childhood paper photos – give me confidence (like when a child), energy, power, the feeling of when you were just happy to play
Gift 6 – Apples – help me have patience,
Gift 7 – Naividye (food) – so I feel full, satisfied, I don’t feel alone.
Gift 8 – Sabda (Shabta). – success in Music

step 6 – Prayer of Forgiveness – Here you purify yourself by declaring to the assembly of Buddhas: – 1. I forgive myself 2. I declare all the good things we are going to do from now on 3. I will keep the light of enlightenment in my head / bodhichitta – I will keep the wish to attain enlightenment – I will keep the right disposition and mindset. I have what it takes to achieve the Buddha state.

Step 7 – Meditate on the 4 immeasurable love thoughts 1. I ask to be happy 2. I ask my suffering to end 3.Ask that all people change their intentions to good intentions 4.hope that yourself and others interpret things in the positive way. You don’t see shit, you choose to see fertilizer.


Step 8 – The assemply gets dismissed – VAJRA MUH – hand gesture you snap and put your hands on your chest. Tara and everyone disappears.The mantra of Pure Emptiness (Vacuidad) – stay in an empty state – Om svabhava shuddhah sarva dharmah svabhaava suddho ham (with hands together at heart). In this state there are no mental states. There is no aging and therefore no suffering. Because there is nothing to achieve (lograr) your mind is free and without fear. You detach your personality from everything. This way things are flexible in meaning. You let your mind stay in a fertile (ready to absorb) state. Exhale and let go. Let go into the primal emptiness of all that is. Exhale again. Let go of all the tension you are holding on to. Release the worries, the fears, the guilts, the shoulds and the have tos. Exhale and let go of your judgments, your opinions and your preconceived notions of yourself. Let go of your habits, your patterns; let go of the very fabric of self that you have woven so tightly. Let yourself be nothing. Emptiness means being limitless; without constraint; infinitely changeable. Infinitely free. Like when you were a kid and you would exit on a sunny spring day from the front door of the house to the quiet street and you felt there where a thousands of adventures waiting for you.

Step 9 – Self Generation of the Deity – visualisation pt1: From the emptiness the green letter TAM appears over a lunar disk lotus. Rays of light shine out calling the Budhas and the rays come back to the the TAM letter and you are suddenly converted in Tara . This sybolizes birth of a pure being. It is not in front of you. You are now tara (internal). You must visualise from the inside. Visualise your eyes, the eyes of Tara, it means from the inside think what eyes look like, from inside your skull. Tell yourself: These are my eyes. I need to visualise my own eyes. My body is green. I have a face. With my right hand I am offering a jar (jarron). With the fingers of my other hand I am holding a lotus flower. Tara is more of light, green light. I look pleasant and I’m smiling. I’m young and I am adorned with jewels. My right leg is slightly exteded while the left one is collected. Behind me there is a circle of light.


Generating the Deity – Part 2 – Sealing – In my forehead there is a white letter OM, on my throat the red letter AH and in my heart the blue letter HUM. Generate divine pride (I can be divine) and feel that you have divine qualities.


Step 10 – Calling the Deity – Here you are complete (the complete form of Tara). Now with the complete form, you call with the rays of light that come out of you once more the assembly of Buddhas. 1. Om Vajra Samaya (Convoca la asamblea Vajra) (Come here) Here you do a snapping hand gesture where at the end you have your hands crossed and pointing with a finger to each of your shoulders. Many Tara’s full of light come to you and sit on your forhead. OM VAJRASATTVA SAMAYA MANUPALAYA. You, Vajrasattva, I remind you of your commitment to generate the holy mind (bodhichitta) in me according to your pledge (samaya) 2. yah hum bam joh – Muda (hand gesture) of Rock concert – meaning BRING Tara / Absorb / Seal – convoca , atrae , y funde. Funde conmigo. Se funden contigo. You become complete.

Step 11 – Prayer of praise – ( Elogio) – I show my repsect for Tara, who is going to free me from poverty. Visualise a buddha over your head to seal. I ask the Buddhas to give you initiation. Pronounce: Om Sarva Tathagata abhisekata samaya shriye hum. Initiate me with the white liquid from your jars. Here you must do the muda (hand gesture) of putting your hand over your head and pretending to poor water over your head. Buddha drops white (nectar) liquid on your head.


Step 12 – MANTRA – Reciting the mantra – Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha – While you recited visualize TAM surrounded by the words of the matra. Rays of light come out of the letters making offerings to the buddhas and when they come back and absorve in you, you receive blessings. OM means supreme, Tuttare being the word for protector, ture being the word for quick. svaha just means let it be like that.


* Sakya is one of four major schools of Tibetan (Vajrayana) Buddhism. It teaches The Path and Its Fruit which is a synthesis of the entire paths and fruits of both the exoteric and esoteric classes of teachings.


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