30 Aniversary of a milestone record

May 1986 saw the release of the album “Enemigos de lo Ajeno” (Enemies of what does not belong to us) by the band El último de la fila.

The album was produced by an independant label and therefore had a low cost production.  However, that didn´t stop us from perceiving the intense emotions that the songs contained.

Most of the songs of the album would be rerecorded with more expensive production a year later and released in the album “Nuevas Mezclas” (New Mixes).

It is one of the albums I love the most.   Many consider this the most important rock album for Spain, even though commercially it wasn´t the biggest and also it had much smaller international impact compared to other bands such as Heroes del Silencio.

I used to cry so much to this record. The songs were that touching.


Dario Margeli holding his copy of Enemigos de Lo Ajeno.

Trenta 30 Aniversario del disco album Enemigos de Lo Ajeno de El Ultimo de La Fila.








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