Funky Barrabas 1974

One of the most original and influential funk bands of the early 70’s.

Here is a picture of the Japanese edition of their 1974 album Release. See also the 8-track cartridge of the same album with the title written in Spanish:  !Soltad a Barrabas!

Vocals by Joe Tejada who passed away a few years ago.



The album had many hits including Hi-Jack which was covered by Herbie Mann, and recently sampled as Jennie from the block by Jennifer Lopez.  Other hits were the intense funky love song Mad Love which was a single on the Atlantic label in the U.K.  Susie Wong was also popular.  The album was recorded in California with percussionist Tito Duarte and an American drummer.  Famously, they were invited by The Rolling Stones to be their opening act on their tour.  When producer and band owner Fernando Arbex turned down the offer, several band members decided to leave the group.

In 2016  one of the songs from the band appeared on the  expensive HBO TV production  Martin Scorsese‘s Vinyl. Great footage.

That is all…

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