Laavi – Stereo Disco

The music industry of Tehran in the 70’s was a bit backwards and unprofessional.  It was more similar to how things where done in the 50’s in the U.S with Sun Records.  Basically the record stores were the record companies.

One such combo “record store and also record company” was Laavi- Lavi Stereo Disco

فروشنده صفحه و نوار کاست “استریو دیسکو” در تهران. سال هزار و سیصد و پنجاه و پنج خورشیدی



Address:  Roosvelt North Street.

The store was very important as it was the last resort for music producers when they were attempting to release a record where radio was not interested in playing them.

So for example, the big star of Persian music Dariush  ( )  had some of his most important songs released by Stereo Disco Lavi

These records then went on to define the style of Persian pop music.



– End of the Story —

Read about the webmaster of this site’s latest music release at the Italian website Radiocoop. The song is called “Non inseguire i sogni (Don’t follow your dreams)”. It is based on teachings from Osho. Video filmed in Havana Cuba. Two amazing guitar players participate in the recording. Read and view here:



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