Persian Pop music magazines from the 1970’s

Mega Rare
DARIUSH on the cover
Lee Majors inside
Hasan Roshan center
1970’s Vintage Etelaat Haftegi Magazine Iran Persian

Ramesh on the cover
Ebi Poster
BANOVAN 1970’s vintage

Dokhtar pesaran magazine Dokhtar va Pesaran
GOOGOOSH on the cover
ZAN -E-ROOZ 1970’s Vintage seventies Magazines

مجله دختر و پسران

Ramesh Sattar Ezdevaj

Ghadimi 1970s 1350

اطلاعات هفتگی زنه زن روز رامش ستار ابی داریوش مجله قدیمی دهی ۱۳۵۰


ایران ایرانی فارسی dokhtaranpesaran_unknown600mpydokhtarpesaranrameshm0googoosh3mardb00mpygoogoosh3mardl1600mramesheszdevajl160mrameshsatttardokhtar0m

End of Content.

If you feel like it, check out the some music by the webmaster of this site. Listen to the song Things That Are Ok About Me.


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