Early 80’s San Francisco HiNRG

For those of you old enough to remember, there was a HiNRG (High Energy) dance music scene created by the likes of gay music producer Patrick Cowley and labels like Pink Glove or Moby Dick.

One of the artists of those days was Paul Parker who had a number one Club Play hit with Right On Target in the summer of 1982.   Little was known of him except for the shirtless image on the sticker placed on the generic megatone record sleeve.

He is back in 2017 with a new album called The Man That Fell To Earth.

You can read the credits of this album here:


Many are re-recordings of songs he has done before, but others are newer stuff together with people like Matt Pop, Man Parrish (of Male Stripper fame) and Miguel Cruz.

To celebrate, here is a picture taken out of the book Tribal Rites … a book compiled by the deceased David Diebold.


The Paul Parker album is also available on iTunes, search for it.




Hey, I’m the webmaster of this site. Listen and write about my song “Things that are OK about me” (i miei aspetti positivi)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxyJ20TnHX4







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