Trip 2010 to Yucatan Mexico

Sum of two of my travel posts in Mexico Mexico Trip Day 2 including Coba

30 December 2009

mexico coba

I am writing from Tulum – Mexico starting my third day of the trip. The first night I slept in a town called valladolid in Yucatan. The main plaza is cute, but the rest of it is a bit ugly. Then on day 2, I did Chichen Itza and Coba . What is a mazing is how well the Mexican government has protected the forest in these regions. The forest is intact !! Compare that with the disaster in Spain, where they have built absolutely everywhere, and the government is happy to fill its pockets with builder money. I took a taxi ride from Valladolid to Coba for Euro 12 because I didnt want to wait three hours for the bus. Coba is very interesting since you still can climb to the top and it is all inside the forest and all the forest around it is intact !! I had to rent a bike to see it because it is 3 miles spread out. There is beautiful lake outside. The only problem was that they didn’t have lockers there. I am eating all theTacos and Quesadillas that Spain has been depriving me of.

Here are some pictures :

chichen itza

midi zuid record stores

coba mexico


Uxmal Mayan Mexico : Very recommended Archeological Site – Dario Blog

3 January 2010

 uxmalm mexico

January 2 of my Mexican – Yucatan trip was spent in the Mayan town of Uxmal . I’m very glad I went to see it. Ssince it is a bit out of the way, I had doubts wether it was worth the trouble or not, but after seeing it I must say Uxmal is definitly worth the visit. To me it looked much better kept and in much better state than Chichen Itza with less tourist and more green nature and it was pretty large with many buildings. From the photos on the internet you may not realize how large it is, but it does have 3 set of neighborhoods with big buildings. Uxmal apparently comes from the term three times, because the site was build and rebuilt three times.

Here are some pictures :

uxmal maya mexico


 mexico ushmal


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