Beautiful city of Antigua in Guatemala (9 pics and a video)

I visited on May 2018 the beautiful city of Antigua in Guatemala.  Antigua was a city established by the Spaniards when they colonized Central America.  For them it was the capital of Central America. They built many churches, cathedrals and convents.  Then in the mid 1700’s the city, which sits under a volcano, suffered a massive earthquake.  The city was abandoned but the half standing ruins of the buildings remained.


Beautiful plants, bougainvillea trees have grown around the ruins. The air is clean. The roads are made of stone.  You get transported immediately to 3 centuries ago.  It is spacious and calm.   Here are more pictures:


You need two full days to see the town. It is not small at all.  It is surrounded by green hills, which make the visit even more pleasurable.  I also felt safe during the day, as there are many people and tourists everywhere.  At night it is not possible to do sightseeing as the streets are too dark, but they have a lot of bars, souvenir shops and cafes targeted at tourists.


Needless to say that Antigua is a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site.


The iconic yellow clock arch at night.

antiguaz_20180428_78_800px I made a video of the trip as well.  Three minutes with different scenes from Antigua:

All pictures and video (c) 2018 Dario Margeli

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